Performance, mindset and confidence coaching for riders & equestrians

EquiVie offers dismounted coaching, ridden lessons and bespoke training plans for horse riders and equestrians of all levels. I work with riders to refine your talents, hone your goals and guide your decisions, offering month on month support to ensure your success – whatever that means to you.


What is Equivie?

EquiVie is the structure, support and focus for you as a rider for the times between your lessons or competitions. It’s the everyday focus that gives you purpose and connects what you are doing to why you are doing it,whether you are going for a hack, schooling, jumping, lunging or doing pole work.

The EquiVie approach develops both the physical and mental aspects of riding together, for riders of all levels and abilities. You will feel more confident in the saddle, in your riding and ability, you will know what you want to achieve and how you will get there, overcoming hurdles and challenges that may have stood in your way for a while, all topped off with a healthy dollop of self-belief.

For the good days, the bad days, the great days and the ‘I want to give up’ days.
The EquiVie approach will keep you on track and give you the support you need, when you need it.


Train for Success

Coaching programme
Horse and rider assessment
Setting your goals and aspirations
Training plans


Rider Training

Training and Schooling
1-2-1 Ridden coaching & exercise
Partnering with your horse
Confidence building


Workshops, Clinics & Events

Group Workshops and Training
Group goal setting
Riding club clinics
Yard clinics

Why work with me

EquiVie gives you the help and support you need to make progress and achieve your goals whilst ensuring your horses welfare is always paramount.

As an accredited Advanced Centre 10 Coach, and with 30 years experience working with and owning horses and a professional background in coaching, mentoring and people management I am uniquely placed to be able to support you. I have successfully supported riders in achieving their riding goals, from riders working to overcome severe confidence challenges, those seeking support with young or new horse and rider partnerships, to competition riders who want to invest in both their mental and physical capabilities to improve their performance, their results and progress.

For me horses are my daily joy, my escape, my therapy and my passion. I can help you achieve this too.

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EquiVie offers more than a riding lesson

The dismounted coaching and monthly training plan connects your time in the saddle to your future goals. Having a great lesson is awesome, having a plan for the ‘in between’ days is where the real progress is made.

No two horse and rider partnerships are the same and so the support given to each of my clients is bespoke and tailored specifically to them.

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Coaching unlocks your mind

The EquiVie approach allows you to tackle the hurdles and road blocks in your own thinking and approach to your riding without the pressure of being on your horse. Whether you have experienced a confidence knock, or you are ready to step up to the next level, your dismounted coaching sessions give you the freedom to challenge your current thinking and change the behaviours that are holding you back.

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You set your goals and you set the pace

Your training plan will be geared around yours and your horses current ability and the time you can give it in and around everyday life. Your training plan is shared via an app for you to follow, but if there is a day or a week where you can’t manage it – no problem, I will adjust the plan and make it work for you.

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My passion is your success

I promise you my commitment, expertise and knowledge to help you problem solve, focus and achieve. Plus, a whole heap of good energy, positivity and enthusiasm. All I ask is that you commit to the process too, after all, it is all about you.

“That moment when someone achieves something that they thought was outside of their reach is the most magical moment and it fills me with joy every time.”

Don't just take my word for it

How many of us go through the day, week, month or even the year without any real goal drive or motivation. Stephanie and EquiVie training for success helped me come to some really important decisions for me and my horse.
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