About Me

I have 2 main passions; Horses and supporting others to achieve success - and so EquiVie was founded.

I have been fortunate enough to have been riding horses since I was 7 or 8 years old and I know that whether I’ve had a bad day or a great day, it is always made better when there is a horse in it.

I have an enormous passion for horses, riding them, working with them, training them as well as coaching and teaching others. I love getting to know them and their individual personalities as well as ensuring their wellbeing and happiness is fully supported.

My main competitive focus is Eventing, and I although I have been riding for many years, it is in the past 5 years I have really focused on what my true aims and dreams are and dedicated effort to consistently working towards them. I am delighted to say that the hard work and dedication is paying off. 5 years ago I wanted to achieve completing my first One Day Event at 80cm with my horse Bertie, who at the time was rearing in front of a single trot pole, to achieving a full up 90cm ODE with him feeling so confident and enthusiastic it was a complete joy.


I am now being brave and admitting that I still have dreams and ambitions with my personal riding and competitive career, so I now have beautiful (King) Rafa to help me step up my own ability giving me the experience I need to keep moving through the levels being already established at Novice Eventing.

I also have the very gorgeous but much less experienced (Princess) Peach who is very green who I am enjoying bringing on and training. Although she is 6 years old she is riding away like a 4 year old and so we are very much at the beginning of her career. My hope is that she will make a really confident and willing Eventer or Show Jumper in a year or so. She has bags of talent so watch this space!

Bertie has reached his limit with his jumping capabilities, and he owes me nothing having given me my raison d’etre through a few very difficult years, always offering me his generous heart and willing and kind response to whatever I asked of him. So, he has moved on to a wonderful loan home where he will continue to be adored and I know will give his everything in return.

My background is in people management, business coaching and cultural change and having completed a Leadership Excellence Program within the corporate world which was based on NLP techniques, gained huge experience supporting and developing people professionally I have decided now is the time to combine my skills and love of supporting people to flourish with my dedication to the equestrian world.

Horses are my happy place. If you love horses then I will hazard a guess that it is your happy place too. And if it isn’t right now, then I will help you get there, one stepping stone and conversation with your horse at a time.

Key Credentials

  • First Aid
  • DBS Checked
  • BHS Level 1 riding, stable management and horse care
  • NVQ level 2 riding, stable management and horse care
  • 30 years’ experience working with horses
  • 15 years mentoring and coaching personal development of individuals and teams in a professional environment
  • Advanced Coach Centre 10