Ethos behind Equivie

EquiVie is the structure, support and focus for you as a rider for the times between your lessons or competitions. It’s the everyday focus whether you are going for a hack, schooling, jumping, lunging, poles that gives you purpose and connects what you are doing to why you are doing it.

I have seen many, many riders (and been one myself) that has an absolutely fantastic lesson, come away totally pumped and renewed with energy, only to feel an even bigger sense of frustration, lack of progress and loss of motivation a few days later.

I have also experienced great training that inspired me to set some goals and coached me through my training, what level to pitch myself at, what was right for me AND my horse, which were the competitions to enter and which ones weren’t.

This is why I have created EquiVie. I want to help riders of all levels and abilities enjoy and succeed day in day out and continue to take steps, however small towards really achieving what they want to achieve.