Felicity Suffolk
“When I first started working with Steph I had been dealing with a huge loss of confidence which I’d been working hard to improve; a lot of unpredictable behaviour from Baby; as well as dealing with her injury rehab which I wasn’t sure was being successful. We were terrified of hacking, I dreaded leading her in let alone actually getting on. I was looking at options to turn her away, with little hope that she would actually return to full work let alone ever compete again. I found my goal setting session with Steph really motivating. We broke down the obstacles which were between where we were and where we wanted to be, including trying to set a more consistent and varied work schedule to give Baby the best chance of a successful rehabilitation. Breaking down our goals into smaller steps made it seem much more achievable. As long as she did something 5-6 days a week it really helped to relax her mentally and her quality of work and attention span improved when she wasn’t able to get too fresh. Having the outcome in mind really helped me persevere through the dodgier rides and got us hacking again, as it was all part of a bigger picture. Although Baby is physically weak still and has a way to go to reach our competition goals, we have done arena hire; cantered out hacking, and recently I took her cross-country schooling for the first time in years, and I wasn’t even scared! We’ve come a long way in such a short space of time and my short-term goals; which felt so far away before; now feel completely achievable.”
Laura Suffolk
“How many of us go through the day, week, month or even the year without any real goal drive or motivation. Stephanie and EquiVie training for success helped me come to some really important decisions for me and my horse. Not only did she help with fitness of my horse and goal setting she also looked at my horse’s health and well-being overall. I have clear weekly goals that set me up to be where I want to be. I have a new belief in myself that I’m not just floating through life reacting to whatever happens. I have dreams, goals and a road map of how to get there thanks to Stephanie."
Jess Suffolk

“Stephanie has been my saviour and huge support network throughout the last few months. We have accomplished more in this time, than I have in the whole three years I have owned my horse Shiloh. Stephanie has a brilliant way of teaching that enforces so much confidence into me and my tense pony. We are achieving many goals now that I thought we would never do. At one point I felt like giving up on my aspirations to school correctly and go out to local dressage shows, now it’s a regular occurrence and we are both loving our rides! I owe my all to Stephanie as her kind and knowledgeable approach has really helped me overcome some hurdles with me and my horse mentally and physically. I would highly recommend.”